The Sacro Monte di Ossuccio & the Santuario Madonna Del Soccorso


Living here, I have the luxury of being able to wait out the storms, heat & humidity for a perfect day for hiking. The weather is very unpredictable but with a bright, clear morning I knew it was time to make the hike up the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, a UNESCO Heritage Site.


monti1The Sacro Monte di Ossuccio and Santuario are located above the medieval village of Ossuccio on the western shore of the lake, about a half-hour drive north of Como City. The trail that winds around the fourteen cappellas is more than just another walk up a mountain and is a popular day trip for locals.

sign1sign2 Once you near Ossuccio, there are plenty of signs that point the way.
A tiny sign on an old stone stairway, near the main highway, is where I started. I love walking through the medieval sections of the lake villages.

DSCN4214DSCN4216DSCN4221Finally the trail opens up and it becomes easy to see why this site is so special.





The 14 baroque temples were constructed between 1635 & 1710. Each are distinctively unique.



IMGP4586If you are lucky, you might find an opening large enough to have an unobstructed view for you & your camera.  

IMGP4508I heard about the cappellas from friends. I didn’t bother to do any research and I had no idea what to expect when I peeked in. 


DSCN4245The brightly painted, life size statues & frescoes were a complete surprise. Originally created by the sculptor Agostino di Morbio (1620-1706) and the stucco decorators of the Intelvese School, these plaster and terra-cotta statues continue to be maintained by local artists. Along the way, you will see some interiors under renovation.  

IMGP4519As expected, the views (looking north to south) are spectacular!



IMGP4528Arriving at the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso (dates back to the early 1500s) a different spiritual mood from the cappellas presents itself.




IMGP4537Outside, the Bar and Trattoria del Santuario is a peaceful, colorful setting where the monks offer a complete menu of delicious traditional food.


DSCN4259Deciding to take a different way down, I pass by olive orchards & streams, down these stairs through a centuries old Italian hamlet.



DSCN4276Hope you enjoyed the trip. It could not have been more perfect for me.

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